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Consultations with Dr Pia include an in depth medical history and discussion about your top three primary health concerns.

For Consultations, please follow the steps outlined below:

  1. After purchasing your phone consult please click HERE to schedule your phone consultation.
  2. Please forward any recent lab results via email in PDF format to:



Dr Pia is committed to helping you understand how the body works and treating the three major elements to health, NUTRITIONAL/CHEMICAL, PHYSICAL, and EMOTIONAL (MINDSET). When one or more of these elements is not working well, it can cause you to feel pain, discomfort, fatigue, stress, unfocused and simply not feeling your best.

She also use the latest in diagnostic testing to uncover underlying dysfunctions.​​​​ Using both this system she is able to uncover often overlooked factors that have a dramatic impact on your health. She then customizes a lifestyle program tailored to your PERSONAL needs and your unique physiology so you can truly heal.  She is a longtime Yogi, Fashionista, Aussie, Loves Brussel Sprouts, and knows the value of 5 big deep breaths.

  • Functional Health Medicine
  • Functional Holistic Nutrition
  • Functional Endocrinology
  • Clinical Kinesiology
  • Prenatal Health
  • Purification/Detox Programs
  • Lab Reviews

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Your Guide to a Balanced and Beautiful Pregnancy for a Happy Healthy Baby

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