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“The Best Sources of Vitamins and Minerals are found in Whole Foods”

-Dr Royal Lee

Deep Relief has chosen to offer Standard Process and Mediherb Supplements to our customers/clients because of they offer nutritional supplements and products made using whole food ingredients that are supported with scientifically based evidence. This wholistic approach ensures high-quality, nutrient-dense solutions for optimal outcomes.

At our clinic we believe that given the proper nutrition the body has the amazing ability to keep itself healthy. We also know that Whole Food nutrients are easily absorbed by the Body for Optimal Healing and Repair. Our Goal is to treat the Whole person so you can better faster.


Improve Rest and Recovery

 Supplements Found In The Box:

Min Chex: This product helps calm the nerves and is considered a mineral tranquilizer.  It is perfect if you are feeling irritable and anxious. This is for the person who struggles to relax and fall asleep        

  3 Tabs a Day.  (1 Morning 2 Night)


Protefood: Contains eight of the essential amino acids utilized for the body for rest and repair. Perfect if you are wired and tired or have trouble staying asleep at night. Helps with stress and supports the muscles and cell function.               

3 Tabs a Day.  (3 Night) * Start with 1 per Night


Magnesium: Helps utilize calcium and relaxes muscles. It also is required for over 300 enzymatic functions in the body. Supports the nervous system and helps build strong bones and teeth. Leads to increased rest and energy

3 Tabs a Day.  (1 Morning 2 Night)



How long do I need to take these?

We suggest at least for 90 -120 days so that all parts of your body have a chance to heal and get a fresh supply of blood and oxygen.  Then check in with your Practitioner.

How do I order more?

You will need to set up a simple account to have supplements delivered to your doorstep.  Or if you prefer to order the gift box again, simply reorder right here.

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Standard Process grows and manufactures ALL of their products.

“The Best investment you'll ever make is YOUR HEALTH"